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Rolling Stone: Random Notes
By Fred Schruers
Youngstown Vindicator -- Saturday, July 29, 1978

Electricity was in the air for a recent Miami concert featuring Tom Petty and headliner Patti Smith, but it wasn't the kind that blurbwriters are always looking for.

The skies were full of flickering heat lightning when Petty took the stage at the Miami Jai Alai Fronton, but no one's sure just what caused the electrical connection that sent Petty staggering away from the microphone, badly shocked.

Petty proved himself a trouper by coming back on a few minutes later to finish his set, but they postponed the next night's Dayton, Ohio, gig to recuperate.

And Ms. Smith, who went past the hall's midnight deadline, had the power plug pulled on her but stayed onstage exhorting a far-from-capacity crowd (about a third of the 6,000 available seats were filled) by yelling out the words to The Who's "My Generation."