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A Bizarre Bazaar
Eye -- January 19, 1971

OK, citizens of Hogtown. Here's your chance to unload your old clothes, books, records and all other paraphanalia; gain something in return, and do some good for Hogtown. Saturday, January 23 at Mudcrutch Farm (maps will be around town) there will be not only free music and free food; but a really far-out bazaar.

A trade, barter and sell system will enable everyone to bring their wares and belongings to the festivals, set their own prices or make their own bargains and spread around some really far-out goods. The plan is this: everyone has fun, benefits and also gives the Hogtown Feast Fun 20% of the profits, which will be channeled back into Hogtown through community projects. No one loses, and a lot is gained.

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All that is needed is a blanket (if anyone wants to bring tables, that's cool) and an interest in old and new odds and ends. Check the flyers and posters around town for directions to Mudcrutch and what time to be there. For any pressing questions call 373-3865. Help make it happen, get your shit together and spread it around!