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The Lost Coastlines of Music: Sounds that Mattered in 2008
By Fran Lison
The Leonid - December 2008

8 ) Mudcrutch - Mudcrutch
  In 2008, Tom Petty reunited with his former band, Mudcrutch. The Mudcrutch story has been an oft-fabled one, being Tom Petty’s first musical endeavor that built a following in the  south in 1970s but somehow escaped making a record. Their self-titled debut, although about 35  years late, takes the listener back to the heart of American southern-rock in the seventies. “Scare  Easy” is classic Petty, a rollicking single that features the songwriter at his most gritty, while  “Crystal River” sounds like guitarist Mike Campbell filtered the soul of Duane Allman through his liquid slide guitar playing. Petty’s songwriting has not seemed this laid back in years. After  the introspective, solemn Highway Companion in 2006, it seems like the bearded old-hippie is finally having fun.