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Hot Summer Fun: A Guide To The Best Summer Tours Of 2001
Rolling Stone #871 - June 21, 2001

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Tour Dates: Through July 21st
Ticket Prices: $18 - $62.50

"We're just going out to play. You know, there aren't many rock & roll bands out there anymore, and we're kinda enjoying having one," says Tom Petty of the summer road trip he's taking with the Heartbreakers. "We're just raring to play -- we've had enough time off."

Petty says the Heartbreakers have sounded "absolutely vicious" at rehearsals. "The idea is to do a lot of the songs that we haven't done for a long, long time: 'Here Comes My Girl' -- which I don't think we've done in ten years -- and 'Even the Losers,' from Damn the Torpedoes." With more than forty songs in his rotation, Petty promises an evolving set, with the possibility if a few brand-new songs making it into his two-hour set. "We've been working on a record for some time, really," he reports, "and we're almost finished writing -- so there is the chance we'll bust a new song or two.

"I haven't even seen the stage set," Petty says with a laugh. "We're concentrating on the music. Nothing fancy -- just a barebones rock & roll show. It will be good shows all around. We're just gonna have a blast."