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Orange Coast Magazine - January 1991

Vol. 3, Traveling Wilburys (Warner Bros) -- It takes a while to get into this second offering from the super group that includes George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne. The loss of the late Roy Orbison is sorely felt as a raspy-throated Dylan tries -- and fails -- to pick up the slack. Instrumentally, the album scores high marks. Harrison's distinctive guitar licks, handled superbly by production meister Lynne, are particularly effective on country-tinged "Poor House." The best songs, however, are the nostalgic Fifties-sounding "7 Deadly Sins" and the rollicking "Inside Out." While not as polished or as satisfying as Vol. 1, the Wilburys' best-selling debut package, Vol. 3 contains enough moments to make it worthwhile.