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Whisky a Go Go, legendary L.A. rock club, closes
Rolling Stone #381 -- October 28, 1982

"I think you know this guy," said Plimsouls bassist Dave Pahoa as Tom Petty ambled onstage to join the L.A. band on closing night at the Whisky a Go Go, the seminal Sunset Strip club that spawned bands from the Doors and Buffalo Springfield to the Go-Go's and X. Petty and trhe Heartbreakers' keyboardist Ben Tench pumped the Plimsouls through "Route 66," "She's About a Mover," and Gary U.S. Bonds' "New Orleans." The venue is slated to reopen as a dance club; spokesmen assert that the live rock & roll can't make money in the Whisky's smallish 300-seat configuration.