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Hey, Petty people,

If you've gotten any 500 server errors in the past day or thereabouts, don't worry, I've noticed it. Currently trying to get in touch with our webhost to try to figure out the underlying cause but I've made a temporary fix that will hopefully keep it up and running for the time being.

Will update this when I have more information,

- Aimee

UPDATE (10:08 P.M. Atlantic): Webhost got back to me; it's a site issue. Have a few ideas. Will troubleshoot and update again soon.

UPDATE (10:56 P.M. Atlantic): Believe I've tracked down the issue to two outdated third-party extensions. Site seems to be working well now. 

UPDATE (11:22 P.M. Atlantic): I've replaced our old comments plugin (which was causing issues) with a newer one. All the old comments are still in place, thankfully!

0 # Webmaster Aimee 2019-01-31 03:32
Just testing out the new comments plugin.

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