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Hey Petty people!

I've gotten these wrapups fall to the byside while I was working on setting up my new computer. And cleaning up my music collection on my new computer. And, uh, playing lots of video games on my new computer....

Not much to report for this one, but I've got a new interview for you, from a 1977 edition of Cashbox magazine:

"I think the kids would rather hear a rock band that's theirs than something from their older sisters or something. I don't really think they prefer the lush slick stuff on the radio if they're given a choice."

See you (hopefully!) next week,

- Aimee (listening to Gary Numan - Engineers)

P.S. MusicBee is a great music player. Been using it myself. It's free, too! Definitely take a look if you're looking for new music software. 

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