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Hey Petty people,

Got an early interview, published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel in 1978:

"The obituraries are written on what we would call punk rock. It's a shame the public had to have bullbleep shoved down their throats." 

I have a pretty good idea that Tom didn't actually use the word "bullbleep." A few other updates, as well:

  • Tour Dates and Setlists! Went and added all the dates for the 1979-1980 'Damn the Torpedoes' tour, including links to concert reviews. 
  • New 404 page! Took a bit of pain to get working, but I added a more useful 404 page with links to the magazine and newspaper indexes. If you really want to see it, you'll have to figure that out yourself.

Not much more going on. Still working on the subject index (progress is slow) and typing up magazine articles (not quite so slow). Added some more quotes for the front page, too.

- Aimee (listening to the Tragically Hip - Grace, Too)

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