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Hey Petty people,

So there's a mysterious timer on, and 17 hours to go. Doubt I'll be sleeping tonight.

Anyways, to keep the rest of you occupied while you wait, here's four interviews, from four different decades. (I forgot the 2000s.) Thanks to Sue Reaney for the magazine scans!

Sounds - May 27, 1978
"I don't have an attention span much longer than three minutes. I get bored if something doesn't happen. I don't like any dead space at all."

Circus - August 31, 1981
"I was fired from every job I ever had. I just couldn't take 'em seriously."

BAM - February 7, 1997
"It's really hard to write a good song. It's got to be something believable enough for me to sing with a straight face; if I can't believe it, then I can't expect anyone else to."

Rolling Stone #1215 - August 14, 2014
"It's funny how, in the moment, you don't know all you're seeing. People want me to explain me. I don't know me that well sometimes. I'm not sure I want to."

- Aimee (listening to The Guess Who - Share The Land

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