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Halifax will be Free Fallin'
By Philip Croucher
Metro Halifax - December 9, 2011

Take it to the bank. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will be rocking Halifax in 2012.

"There's no doubt about that," concert promoter David Carver said of the legendary rock band coming to the provincial capital next year.

In fact on Friday, @tompetty wrote on the bands official Twitter site: "We'll see you in #Halifax, cats out of the bag now."

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Carver confirmed to Metro Halifax on Thursday night the group will be playing two shows next spring in Atlantic Canada -- one at the Metro Centre and the other at Mile One Stadium in St. John's.

He said specific dates haven't been confirmed, but the group will be coming here in either late May or early June.

"I know it's going to sell out," he said specifically of the Halifax show, which is rumoured to be happening June 3. "If it was later in the year, I'd be hoping to do the show outdoors somewhere. But because it's late May or early June, the Metro Centre is the place to do it."

Carver, a Newfoundland native, operates his own concert promoting business and produced the show that saw Aerosmith rock P.E.I. in 2007.

He didn't have a specific date on when the official announcement, including ticket prices, would be made, but expected it to happen soon.

Carver said the band is now putting together its touring schedule to include the two stops in Atlantic Canada. 

Our completely subjective Top Five Tom Petty songs
Metro Halifax - December 9, 2011

OK, we admit it. We're pretty damn excited about Tom Petty's upcoming Halifax show, too. So in the heady afterglow of official confirmation, we've put together our five favourite Tom Petty songs and one honourable mention, because when we got down to it, five just wasn't enough.

How do you think we did? There are some real gems and delightful deep cuts missing from this list, and we haven't even touched on The Traveling Wilburys.

Honourable Mention - The Waiting
As if you've never sat on an uncomfortable chair in some godforsaken government office watching the called numbers slowly trickle up to the one printed on the ticket in your hand and sang to yourself "the waiting is the hardest part…"
Homer Simpson can relate.

5. Don't Come Around Here No More
This one might get a little divisive but it's undoubtedly Tom Petty's weirdest single, perfectly complemented by an Alice-inspired fever dream of a video.

4. American Girl
Chiming guitars and a reverbed "chh" kick down the doors to this sunshiny barnburner starring Tom Petty at his most plaintive.

3. You Don't Know How It Feels
Who wants to go to the beach?

2. Free Fallin'
You know how some songs seem like they are pre-soaked in sepia-toned nostalgia, anxiously awaiting a moment to forever attach itself to? If not, then allow us to introduce this song as a perfect example.

1. Learning To Fly
This might be considered a dark horse to some, but not in this corner. On the right day, the guitar lick alone can induce a nasty case of the heaving sobs.