More Music Vids 'Scream' For Attention
By David Bianculli
New York Daily News - Tuesday, June 20, 1995

Tom Petty, "You Don't Know How It Feels." Director Phil Joanou has come up with an ambitious yet understated video classic here. The entire video is one unbroken camera shot, with Petty singing in the foreground as a variety of actions and backgrounds float in and out of the frame behind him.

(Imagine Petty and the camera on a rotating pedestal, in front of a full circle of sets and activities, and you get the idea.)

In the background, we see a city skyline and a shooting range, circus performers and bank robbers, a belly dancer and human flowers. In the foreground, we see only Petty, Petty and, for one verse, a strikingly beautiful woman who steps up, commandeers the microphone from Petty and lip-synchs a verse before leaving again.

This cutting-edge concept is dulled, though, by MTV's aural editing. The line "let's roll another joint" is changed to something totally inaudible something like, "Let's roll another noin."