'Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)' says a lot
By Barry Tull
The Paisano - Thursday, May 7, 1987

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers have been around for awhile, since about 1976. This is the eighth relese from the band and they have established themselves as an American institute in a world of rock music.

Petty writes songs with some wicked hooks that creep into your brain. Almost instinctively, you find yourself tapping your foot and singing along to his music. The Heartbreakers are all extremely underrated musicians and a great band. Singles currently being plaued on the air: "Jammin' Me" (co-written with Dylan), "Runaway Trains," and "The Damage You've Done." My favorites are "It'll All Work Out," "My Life, Your World," and "A Self-Made Man.

Tom Petty albums fall into two areas. They either reach out and grab you right away or they grow onto you steadily. Petty's first release and his Damn the Torpedoes album fall into the first area, while all the others including the new LP fit into the second area. Every time I listen to this piece of vinyl, my appreciation of it's music increases. Although there is no new ground broken here, this is good, solid rock and roll music with Petty & The Heartbreakers distinctive sound. If you're a Tom Petty fan, you will want this album for your collection.