Rolling Stone Notes
By Merle Ginsburg
Youngstown Vindicator - Thursday, April 10, 1986

Nicks gets nixed -- One of the questions that's undoubtedly been on your mind lately is what was Stevie Nicks doing on the Tom Petty-Bob Dylan tour in Australia? She keeps turning up wherever Tom Petty is. Hmmmmmm ... Her explanation was "it was very important for the Stevie Nicks scheme of things," claiming this was the first time in three years that she'd had three weeks to herself.

Her working vacation, however, was disrupted wen she was threatened with deportation by the Australian government for appearing on stage alongside Petty and Dylan. It seems she only had a visitors visa, not a work permit, which meant she couldn't perform when Australian director Gilliam Armstrong ("My Brilliant Career") filmed two shows in Sydney.

When Stevie returned to the United States, she rehearsed for the first leg of her own tour, which kicks off Friday in Houston and lasts about a month. Her band includes Waddy Wachtel on guitar, Jennier Condos (from Don Henley's tour band) on bass and Rick Marotta on drums.

She's also been in the studio, paying down vocals for the new Fleetwood Mac LP. Former lover Lindsey Buckingham, who's co-producing the big Mac, said that if she works regularly, the LP could be out by July.