Cleaning up with The Jam, J. Geils, others
By Steve Darnall
Tritonian - Feburary 25, 1983

Funny thing about desks that I learned last week -- mine really has a surface! I realized that I'd left a few albums off the pages until now. This list is by no means comprehensive of new releases of the last two months, but it does enable us to tie up a few loose ends.

First off, a couple of heavyweights:

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Long After Dark.
Petty's new one is sort of his Exile On Main Street, featuring some of his best work ("One Story Town," "Finding Out") and some of his worst ("The Same Old You," "A Wasted Life").
In between we find a few ballads and rockers that Petty did better, for the most part on Hard Promises and Damn the Torpedoes. I still prefer his old rousers like "American Girl" and "Refugee." Judging by some of the lackluster material on Long After Dark, so does he.