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Anything That's Rock 'n' Roll
The official TOM PETTY and the HEARTBREAKERS Fan Club Newsletter
Summer 1996 -- Volume 2, Number 1

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She's The One
New Album From Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers!
Look for a brand new Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album on Warner Bros. Records. It's titled She's The One.
Released in the United States August 6, the album also serves as the music for this summer's She's The One, the new film from The Brothers McMullen's writer/director/star Edward Burns. The album contains all-new songs by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
Tom has also written the score for She's The One. This represents an unprecedented move for Tom, marking the first time he has written music expressly for a motion picture.
These songs by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (guitarist Mike Campbell, keyboardist Benmont Tench and bassist Howie Epstein) are being produced by Rick Rubin with Tom Petty and Mike Campbell, and they're being engineered by Jim Scott, one of the engineers who won a Grammy this year for his work on Tom's Wildflowers album.
The drummers on the album are Steve Ferrone (who toured with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in 1995), Curt Bisquera and Ringo Starr, who guests on "Hung Up And Overdue." Lindsey Buckingham sings backing vocals on "Walls (Circus)," "Climb That Hill" and "Asshole," and Carl Wilson sings harmony vocals on "Hung Up And Overdue."
"It's a true honor that we've been able to join forces with an artist of Tom's caliber," said Lindsay Law, President of Fox Searchlight Pictures. "His vision, combined with Eddie's filmmaking, has resulted in something truly special and distinctive."
"The original music has taken the film to another level," says Edward Burns, commenting on Tom's involvement with the project. "Working with Tom has been great. I was always a fan of his -- so just to meet him was incredible -- but to work with him has been a dream come true."
The film, a wry romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston, Maxine Bahns, Edward Burns, Cameron Diaz, John Mahoney and Mike McGlone is Burns' second. His first film, The Brothers McMullen received the top award, the Grand Jury Prize at the 1995 Sundance Film Festival.

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Tom's Petty's "Angel Dream"
Tom Petty surprised a crowd of 4,000 when he debuted a new song "Angel Dream" at UCLA Friday, April 26 following his acceptance speech for receiving the university's "George and Ira Gershwin Award For Lifetime Musical Achievement."
In a heartfelt speech, Tom good-naturedly entertained the students and alumni at the Southern California campus with a personal anecdote, thanking them for honoring him with the prestigious award, whose past recipients include Ray Charles and Ella Fitzgerald.
"I'm very honored to receive this and to be invited here by UCLA. I'm gonna talk to you about music for a minute if that's all right, this being a musical crowd.
"I started listening to music when I was a very young kid, like 11 years old and my life has basically gone to hell ever since. But I'm very grateful for it because it's a truly magical thing and all these years that I've done it, it's only recently that I really understand the power and the magic and the beauty of the music.
"Becuase I was kind of a weird kid, I grew up listening to rockabilly music in the early '60s and it inspired me greatly, long before I ever played, or anything like that. I've been doing an album with Johnny Cash lately and recently we had a guest in the studio, a fellow named Carl Perkins, who you may know, was one of the original rockabilly guitar players, a beautiful man. He wrote "Blue Suede Shows" and "Honey Don't" and lots of songs.
"But Carl was telling me -- at the end of the session he took me aside and he said, 'You know, I really like you, Tom.'
"And I said, 'Well, what are you getting at, Carl?'
"And Carl said, 'I don't know. I just feel that tonight with us playing here that there was a lot of God in the room.' And I looked at him and he said, 'You know, I don't know Tom, if you believe in heaven but it's really nice thinking even if you don't.'
"And I said, 'Well, Carl, I just hope that I get there.'
"And it really touched me what he said -- he said, 'I really believe all us boys that kinda knocked around on those guitars and drums and things and went through life and were pretty good people and just tried to play a little music and stayed out of people's way -- maybe had an occasional joint -- we may have raised a little too much hell at times, but still found the time to help people whenever we could. I believe that one day we're gonna all sit around somewhere and play music like we did tonight.' And he said, 'When you get there, Tom, I'm gonna give you the best guitar God's got.'
"And that really touched me. I want to tell you all that whatever your concept of God is, I believe that He writes the songs and it's just sent down through me, you know, and other songwriters. I feel like a receiver -- and tonight I'm really grateful to receive this award.
"Though I don't have any George and Ira Gershwin records, I do appreciate their work and feel very grateful to all of you for making my life so great and for being in that audience and to have people to play to. And I must thank the Student Alumni Association. I must thank my band, the Heartbreakers, because I wouldn't be here if they weren't here with me. And I thank my family. I thank my wife, Jane, who is a constant inspiration for music all these years. And I thank you all again for showin' up time after time.
"I feel really nervous without a guitar on stage. (laughs). Do you have a guitar -- now I feel better. I'll play you a brand new song."
Tom's decision to perform a new song was spontaneous, made only a few moments before going onstage. His request for an electric guitar and amplifier was filled by a student who brought the equipment from his nearby dorm room.
Playing "Angel Dream" for the first time before the public, Tom's voice warmed over the crowd with his beautiful lyrics: "...Now I'm walkin' this street on my own. But she's with me everywhere I go. Yeah, I found an angel, I found my place. I can only thank God it was not too late."
At the song's end, Tom waved to the highly appreciative audience, said "God bless you," then slipped quietly offstage.

The Original Cool Cat
"Well it's one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go..." Carl Perkins
"This album was more like a dream," said Carl Perkins. "My wife kept telling me through the years, 'All these people talk about you, why don't you test the waters?'" Perkins was referring to his exciting new album in commemoration and celebration of the 40th Anniversary of his Rock 'n' Roll Classic "Blue Suede Shoes."
Slated for an October release, Go, Cat, Go features Perkins singing duets with some of his oldest friends and admirers including Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Willie Nelson, Paul Simon, John Fogerty and Bono. Along with the new recordings, Perkins is including the live performance of John Lennon singing "Blue Suede Shoes" from Live Peace in Toronto as well as Jimi Hendrix's version of "Blue Suede Shoes."
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were significantly involved in this tribute to one of Rock 'n' Roll's early Legends. Joining Perkins on a pair of songs, "Restless" and "One More Shot (At Lovin' You)," Tom produced both songs and they were engineered and mixed by Jim Scott. Furthermore, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Howie Epstein and Curt Bisquera (on drums) took part in the recording. In addition, Tom appears on "Give Me Back My Job," a compilation with Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Bono and Willie Nelson.
When Perkins was inducted into the Hollywood Rockwalk June 11, Tom was on hand to introduce his friend. During his induction speech Tom called Perkins "the original cool cat," and a "wonderful man" everyone could learn from. 

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"So I started playing with my guitar and I thought, yeah, I can do this."
These quotations are taken from a behind-the-scenes interview with Tom Petty filmed during the recording of She's The One. It was offered as a special premium video by Blockbuster Music to anyone who pre-ordered the album. (Many of the same excerpts were shown on VH1 when Tom was August Artist of the Month.)

"And I thought, well, this might be something to do."
"As a rule I never do soundtracks. They had sent me a tape of the movie over -- even after I'd sorta said I wasn't interested. And then very late that evening I had put the tape on and watched it and really enjoyed the film. And I thought, well, this might be something to do. And I felt a little inspired by it.
"It seemed like we approached the whole thing with a very spontaneous mood. I like being that way. I don't like to overplan too much. So I started playing with my guitar and I thought, yeah, I can do this."

"So I met with Ed Burns the next day..."
"So I met with Ed Burns the next day  think, and I liked him a lot. He's a very talented writer, actor and director, but also a good guy who has a sense of music -- a young ellow who really did me a great service by giving me all the freedom he gave me -- complete creative freedom and actually sat with me as we were scoring the film and saved me immense amounts of time."

"But the first thing I did was write."
"He had it mapped out where he wanted music to go, pretty much. So we went to work on that. But the first thing I did was write. I wrote three songs. I did have to write a few other things for the film. We'd just play, you know. We didn't use computers and click tracks and stuff. We just brought a few musicians in.
"Depending on the scene we were working to, we just found a mood that seemed right and played. Like I think the whole score is done live. No overdubs at all on it. Say 80% of the score is adapted from the songs that I wrote. I actually wound up having more songs than I could fit into the movie. So I've just included them all on the album."

"You know, I only had a month to do all of this..."
"Yeah -- also a very quick period of tune, You know, I only had a month to do all of this because the film was done and they were in a hurry. It was a great help to me because once again everything was based off songs that I wrote."

"It's really hard to watch this film and not come away with a smile."
"So it's a terrific film, you know. It's really hard to watch this film and not come away with a smile.
"It was terrific fun. We had a great time doing it."

The following interview segments are from the Album Network World Premiere Broadcast of She's The One radio show which aired on July 29.
Tom Petty on the difference between writing a film score and composing entire songs:
"Well, the score is sort of music that emphasizes the emotion in the scene. I guess you could call it background music. It's music that's written just to hammer home whatever emotion is supposed to come across at that time. There's no vocals or singing usually."
Tom Petty on the album color:
"It's a yellow album. You'll notice it's yellow. It's yellow for the taxi cab that Ed (Burns) drives in the movie."
Tom Petty on a TP&HB tour:
"I don't know. I don't really have any plans to go out on tour right now, but I'm sure we will one of these days."
Tom Petty on a permanent Heartbreakers drummer:
"We don't really have a permanent drummer anymore. We just have a few friends that are really good drummers fortunately -- Steve Ferrone and Curt Bisquera. So that's the way the band is now. It's a cool band. I'm really lucky to be in it."

She's The One -- song list
Album side one:
"Walls (Circus)"
"Grew Up Fast"
"Zero From Outer Space"
"Climb That Hill"
"Change The Locks"
"Angel Dream (No. 4)"
"Hope You Never"
Album side two:
"Supernatural Radio"
"Hope On Board"
"Walls (No. 3)"
"Angel Dream (No. 2)"
"Hung Up And Overdue"

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Heartbreakers - Live From The House Of Blues
The House of Blues in Los Angeles, California, was clearly the best place to be the evening of Sunday, February 25.
Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, and Howie Epstein joined Johnny Cash for a final few numbers onstage at Cash's packed-to-the-walls House of Blues concert. They treated the audience -- that included (Red Hot Chili Pepper) Anthony Kiedist, Paramount Pictures President Sherry Lansing, director William Friedkin (The French Connection, the Exorcist), former Monkey Mickey Dolenz, actors Alan Alda, David Keith, Michael McKean and Alan Rosenberg -- to four brand-new songs from Cash's upcoming album (due out later this year).
Tom, Mike, Howie and Benmont have all been busy in the studio backing up the "Man in Black" on his new album.
Mike Campbell's guitar technician, Steve Winstead, was with the Heartbreakers for the Cash sessions. During an interview about Mike's guitars he shared some personal observations. "Yesterday (February 16), the Heartbreakers were in the studio with Johnny Cash. It was Tom, Michael, Benmont, Howie, Steve Ferrone and Johnny. It's the second time they've been with him. About a month ago (the week of January 22-27) they did some other stuff with Johnny and Marty Stuart was there. We were expecting Carl Perkins yesterday but he couldn't make it. Everybody was pretty bummed about that. We were at Oceanway and Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood were in the next studio and they came over and played on some song. It was a jamboree!"
(Carl Perkins was able to join the guys in mid-April for a later session)
"Carl was just sitting around with an acoustic guitar and everybody was sitting around listening to him. It was pretty cool, pretty heavy."

Free Fallin' In Outer Space
We've always thought Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' music was "out of this world," but now it's a fact!
Early in the morning of Friday, June 21, 1996 the United States Space Shuttle Columbia's Commander Tom Henricks told Mission Control Center that Columbia's "free fallers" were starting their first full day of life in space with a great attitude. Commander Henricks' comment followed a 4:49 a.m. CDT wake-up call featuring one of his favorite songs, "Free Fallin'," sung by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
The term "free fallers" is used (in space jargon) because the microgravity conditions that are the basis of the flight's experimental investigations are possible because the shuttle is in a state of perpetual free-fall around the earth.
"And I'm freeeeee......"

Talking with Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash talked recently about working with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. (Reprinted with permission from "Johnny Cash Talks!!! (Part 1)" in the American Recordings Media Relations Newsletter):
Question: How did Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers get involved in this project?
Jounny Cash: Just before I was going to come out to L.A. to begin the new record, Rick (Rubin) said, "Tom Petty told me he'd like to play bass for you." And I said that sounds good to me! When I got to the studio, Tom was there and so was Steve (Ferrone) and Mike (Campbell) and Benmont (Tench).
All the Heartbreakers showed up?
JC: Pretty much. Howie (Epstein) wasn't there at first, but I called him up and he came down.
So from the startm this album was going to have a full band sound as opposed to simply uou and your guitar?
JC: Yeah, that's the way it is on a lot of the songs we're doing. But overall it's still very sparse and very bare, you know? Maybe two or three instruments, acoustic instruments, on a song. Of course, we're so happy with what we've got. I love the sound I got with Tom Petty and his guys. 

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Zero From Outer Space
Performing new songs like "Walls" and 'Angel Dream," Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers appeared Friday, May 17 at a special benefit in Beverly Hills, California. The show was part of the "Strictly Western, Two-Steppin' For The Cure Ill," a benefit for AmFAR, the American Foundation for AIDS Research.
Basketball superstar Earvin "Magic" Johnson, actors Sharon Stone (the Honorary Chairperson of the event), Carrie Fisher, Joely Fisher and Mickey Rooney, singers Gladys Knight and Dionne Warwick as well as songwriters Carole Bayer Sager and Burt Bacharach were all part of the invitation-only crowd.
Earlier in the morning, Magic Johnson was honored with AmFAR's Award of Courage, reminding everyone what the evening was all about. "Keep hugging those with HIV. Keep telling them that you love them and that you'll be there for them. I will maintain my strength. When you see this big smile, you'll know Magic's all right."
Burt Bacharach, Carole Bayer Sager, Elton John, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick and Stevie Wonder received the AmFAR Award of Distinction for their song "That's What Friends Are For."
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were invited to entertain at the special event. During their performance, Tom, with his characteristic sense of humor, remarked, "I should say, too, that we are really proud to be here doing this. We take it quite seriously ... (long pause) ... Ya know, I'd play anywhere Sharon Stone was." Then between songs when some people in the audience were talking rather loudly, a grinning Tom called out, "Hey, shut up, rich people!"
Opening their set with a rockin' new song "Zero From Outer Space," the band proceeded to deliver a fantastic repertoire of brand new tunes that included "Climb That Hill" (with backing vocals by Howie and Ben), a great cover of Beck's song "Asshole" (prefaced by Tom, "Noe listen real closely, we're gonna do a real sensitive song."), the beautiful "Angel Dream" and "Walls" (featuring really cool guitar, percussion, and piano playing). "Mary Jane's Last Dance" put the finishing touches on a magical night.
The band lineup that evening included Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench and Howie Epstein as well as Scott Thurston, Chris Trujillo (on percussion) and Curt Bisquera (on drums). (Chris and Curt have been working on the new album with Tom and the Heartbreakers.)

  • Be sure to look for a copy of the July 11-25, 1996 issue of Rolling Stone magazine for a cool photo of Tom and Sharon Stone.

The American foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR) is the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated tot he support of AIDS research -- both basic biomedical research and clinical research -- education for AIDS prevention and sound AIDS-related public policy. AmFAR mobilizes the good will, energy and generosity of caring Americans to end the AIDS epidemic.

Congratulations Tom (Again!)
For the second time, Tom Petty has been honored by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) for his accomplishments in songwriting..
Over 900 music industry professionals from throughout the world gathered together for the 13th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards held Monday, May 20, 1996 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.
Confirming once again what devoted Tom Petty fans have known all along, the evening featured a special presentation of ASCAP's prestigious Golden Note Award to Tom Petty whose "achievements as a songwriter, artist and producer have earned him an enduring place in contemporary music."
The special award presentation was preceded by Tom's good friend Roger McGuinn together with Heartbreaker Benmont Tench performing two of Tom's classic songs, "American Girl" and "The Waiting." Former Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers producer Jimmy Iovine and Marilyn Bergman, President and Chairman of the Board of ASCAP, jointly presented the award to Tom. Another great friend and fan of Tom's, George Harrison, checked in on videotape from England to send Tom his congratulations.
During his acceptance speech Tom commented on songwriting and music publishers. "You can talk about who owns it and who collects the money for it, but I'm actually just a receiver. We all are, all these songwriters. Because the truth is that these songs are written by God. They don't belong to anyone."
Tom's previous ASCAP award was a songwriter award in 1990 for his song "Free Fallin'." 

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Think Of Me What You Will ...
The evening of the 38th Annual Grammy Awards on February 28 was a perfect opportunity for the national Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences to show Tom Petty that they think very highly of him.
Two Grammy Awards were presented this year for achievements on Tom's Wildflowers album! The award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance was given to Tom Petty for "You Don't Know How It Feels," while the title of Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical, went to the engineers (Dave Bianco. Richard Dodd, Jim Scott and Stephen McLaughlin) of his album Wildflowers. (The only thing better would have been if they had shown Tom on television actually receiving the award!)
In addition to the two Grammy winners, Tom's album Wildflowers was honored with the nomination for Best Rock Album and Rick Rubin for the album's producer was nominated for Producer of the Year.

Grammy Awards

Tom Petty-related Grammy Winners
1995 Best Male Rock Vocal Performance - "You Don't Know How It Feels" (Tom Petty)
1995 Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical - Wildflowers (Award presented to engineers)
1989 Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal - Traveling Wilburys Volume One (Tom Petty as a Traveling Wilbury, and others)

Tom Petty-related Grammy Nominations
1995 Best Rock Album - Wildflowers (Tom Petty)
1995 Producer Of The Year (Nomination went to co-producer Rick Rubin for Wildflowers by Tom Petty and One Hot Minute by the Red Hot Chili Peppers)
1993 Best Male Rock Vocal Performance - "My Back Pages" (Tom Petty and others for their performance at The Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration)
1991 Best Rock Song - "Learning To Fly" (Songwriter award to Tom Petty)
1989 Album Of The Year - Full Moon Fever (Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Jeff Lynne)
1989 Best Male Rock Vocal Performance - "Free Fallin'" (Tom Petty)
1989 Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical - Full Moon Fever (Nomination went to Heartbreaker Mike Campbell and the other engineers on the album)
1989 Album Of The Year - Traveling Wilburys, Volume One (Tom Petty, as a Traveling Wilbury, and others)
1981 Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal - "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks)

Video News
Premiering July 11 on MTV, "Walls" was the first video from She's The One. Filmed June 22-24 at Universal Studios, the video was directed by Phil Joanou, director of Tom's award-winning video "You Don't Know How It Feels." Created to the "Walls (Circus)" version, it shows Tom Petty arriving at a circus in a taxi cab driven by movie writer/director/star Ed Burns. With a touch on the forehead from a mysterious little girl, Tom begins performing with the Heartbreakers on a small stage in a circus tent. As the music begins, the scene is transformed into a colorful psychedelic fantasy world involving purple elephants, Hindu characters, and extraordinarily beautiful artwork, costumes and scenery -- a mystical feast for the eyes and ears!

Movie Premiere
The film, She's The One premiered August 16 in New York and Los Angeles. it will open in selected theaters throughout the U.S. on August 23.

Collector's News
She's The One
She's The One was released in the U.S. on August 6 in the following formats:

  • Vinyl Album (Warner Bros 1-46285)
  • Full Length CD (Warner Bros 2-46285)
  • Cassette Tape (Warner Bros 4-46285)

In Europe it was released only as a full length CD.

The first single from She's The One is "Walls" and was released by Warner Bros. on July 9 in the U.S. as a "promotional use only" CD. The CD contained 2 versions of the song: "Walls (Circus)" and "Walls (No. 3)," allowing radio stations to choose which one they wanted to play. It will be released in Europe as a CD single containing "Walls (Circus)," "Walls (No. 3)" and "Hung Up And Overdue." 

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Everything You Wanted To Know About The Heartbreakers' Other Connections To Grammy Awards

1995 - Ben performed on six songs on Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill which won Album Of The Year and Best Rock Album.
1995 - Ben performed on Alanis Morissett'e "You Oughta Know" which won Best Rock Song, Best Female Rock Vocal Performance and was nominated for Song Of The Year.
1995 - Tom co-wrote and Ben performed on Bonnie Raitt's song "You Got It" which was nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.
1995 - Stan co-wrote and co-produced one song on the Eagles' album Hell Freezes Over which was nominated for Best Pop Album.
1991 - Ben performed on four songs on Bonnie Raitt's Luck Of The Draw which won Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance and was nominated for Album Of The Year.
1991 - Mike performed on one song on Bob Seger's album The Fire Inside which was nominated for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance.
1991 - Ben performed on four songs on Elvis Costello's album Mighty Like A Rose which was nominated for Best Alternative Music Performance.
1991 - Howie produced John Prine's album The Missing Years which won Best Contemporary Folk Recording. Howie, Mike, Ben and Tom performed on the album, and Mike wrote the music for one song.
1990 - Howie and Ben co-wrote and performed on Carlene Carter's "I Fell In Love" which was nominated for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.
1990 - Ben performed on Jon Bon Jovi's song "Blaze Of Glory" which was nominated for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. Ben also performed on the album Blaze Of Glory which was nominated for Best Album Or Original Score Written For A Motion Picture.
1990 - Ben performed on The Replacements' album All Shook Down which was nominated for Best Alternative Music Performance.
1990 - Mike co-wrote and performed on Stevie Nicks' song "Whole Lotta Trouble" which was nominated for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.
1989 - Mike co-wrote and co-produced one song while Stan co-wrote three songs and co-produced two on Don Henley's End Of The Innocence which was nominated for Album Of The Year. Mike and Stan also performed on it.
1989 - Tom co-wrote and performed on Roy Orbison's song "You Got It" which was nominated for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.
1981 - Ben performed on Stevie Nicks' song "Edge of Seventeen" which was nominated for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.
1981 - Ben performed on six songs on Bob Dylan's album Shot Of Love which was nominated for Best Gospel, Sacred, Inspirational Performance.

You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Will I be able to use the backstage pass included in the Playback boxed set to get backstage at TP&HB concerts?
The backstage pass was included as a souvenir item from the band's 1989 "Strange Behavior" tour. Sorry, it was intended to be just for fun and will NOT be able to be used to get backstage at any Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concerts in the future.

"Girl On LSD" is a great TP song, where can I find it?
"Girl on LSD" is not included on any album, but was the B-side to the Tom Petty single "You Don't Know How It Feels." The single was released in 1994 by Warner Bros. in the U.S. on CD, cassette, and vinyl and in Europe as a CD single.

"Something In The Air" sounds so familiar. Was it done by another group a long time ago?
"Something In The Air" was recorded by Thunderclap Newman and appeared on the 1970 movie soundtrack The Magic Christian which starred Ringo Starr and Peter Sellers.

Tom used a guitar during the 1995 tour that had the Wildflowers logo on it. What kind of guitar is it?
That guitar is a Toru Telecaster copy that Tom got at L.A. Guitar Works. Tom used it for the band's Saturday Night Live and Late Night With David Letterman appearances in November 1994 as well as on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on August 5, 1996. He can also be seen playing it in the "You Wreck Me" video and some of the She's The One recording sessions. Tom's good friend, Carl Perkins, recently autographed the guitar for him.

How many people are in the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Official Fan Club?
There are approximately 7,300 members of our Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Official Fan Club, with about 6,600 form the U.S. and almost 700 from 53 different countries outside the U.S.

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
P.O. Box 23125
Pleasant Hill, CA, 94523-0125 

Pages 8-10

Makin' Some Noise With Mike Campbell
He came back with a thin, quiet kid named Mike Campbell. Petty asked Mike if he could play "Johnny B. Goode." Campbell mumbled, "I think I can handle it," and then proceeded to burn the two Toms' (Tom Petty and Tommy Leadon) ears off with his picking. Petty and Leadon looked at each other, looked at Campbell and said, "You're in our band!" - From Playback, the Boxed Set.
Ever since that fateful day in 1970, Mike Campbell has been playing lead guitar with Tom, first in their band Mudcrutch, then with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Steve Winstead, Mike's guitar technician, was kind enough to answer some questions about Mike and his guitars for all of us guitar-lovin' Mike Campbell fans. I also had to opportunity to ask Mike, himself, a few questions.
In addition, Robert Dye of Guitar World magazine interviewed Mike a few years ago, and generously shared some of Mike's comments with me for this newsletter.

Cathy Buffington: What exactly do you do for Mike?
Steve Winstead: I'm a guitar tech.

CB: In addition to going on tour, do you work with him while he's recording, too?
SW: Michael is pretty much self-sufficient. He goes out and does like this thing with Johnny (Cash) or, like during the Wildflowers record Bugs needed some help because there were a lot of guitars out. Sometimes they start doing basics and they're tracking stuff and need an extra hand. Bugs is there year 'round. I just get called in on special occasions.

CB: Does Mike use the same guitar to record a song that he uses to perform on stage?
SW: Not necessarily. For "Breakdown" and "American Girl," I think he used a Broadcaster which he got, I think, in the mid-to-late '70s. That's pretty much all the first, second, third record, you'll hear a lot of that guitar from Michael. That guitar is worth a lot more, so it doesn't go out. He used it at Hollywood (the Hollywood Bowl).
The way these guys are, they'll pick up a guitar and, yeah, that's the sound they want, but they don't necessarily bring that guitar out on the road to duplicate it. It just depends.

CB: Do Mike and Tom have any favorite guitars now?
SW: Tom likes that Toru Telecaster. And Michael, well, I don't know. He kind of changes -- like he'll get a guitar and that'll be his favorite for a week or two and then he goes back to different things. I'd say his BROADCASTER for sure, because it never goes out.

(From Robert Dye of Guitar World) Mike Campbell: It's hard to say which guitar is your favorite guitar. It's like trying to answer 'which is your favorite kid?' The Broadcaster is real special because it's one of the first guitars I ever used. There's two or three guitars I have that, if they were gone, I'd never find anything to sound like them. (The Broadcaster) it's a 1950 or '51. They started calling them Telecasters in '51 or '52. I got it when I first came to L.A. in 1975. I got it at Nadine's Music for around $600. It's probably worth around $25-30,000 now. I used it on the first two albums quite a bit. I played the guitar parts to "I Need To Know," "Hurt," "Breakdown" on it. I came up with the riff to "American Girl" on the Broadcaster. Tom played my Stratocaster for his parts on "American Girl." He plays my guitars all the time, particularly the Strat.
I still use the Broadcaster in the studio. Actually, Tom used it for rhythm parts on "Mary Jane's Last Dance."
I don't want to take it on the road anymore because about 10 years ago, we were on a boat in Japan and I took it out of the case and it was soaking wet, the salt water got on it.

CB: Does Mike modify his guitars to play them?
SW: He's pretty good at just taking a guitar as it is and playing it. He can adapt to pretty much any guitar -- string height and that kind of stuff -- everything.

CB: Are there any special tunings he likes to use, such as open D or G?
SW: Yeah. Open G for "I Won't Back Down" is about it for this tour. Tom has some stuff where he kapos the first fret -- like an Open F which is just a regular E tuned with a kapo. That's for "You Wreck Me." I think it's just for ease instead of having the guitar tuned to a different tuning. He just tunes it to Open E then kapos his first fret.

CB: What does he use to tune up -- is that you?
SW: Yeah, I use a Yamaha PT4.

CB: What kind of strings do Mike and Tom use?
SW: They were using Ernie Ball but they've started using D'Addario XL110s.

CB: Do Mike and Tom change strings often?
SW: The twelve-strings -- it's pretty rare that you change twelve-strings. They (Mike and Tom) don't like a really bright clean sound. Once a string gets older it settles in and sounds a little better. This tour I've been changing on Michael's doubleneck because he was banging his Ebow (a magnet that interacts with the pickup and vibrates the strings). He did an effect thing so we had to change more for that.

CB: Did he use any pedal effects?
SW: He used a Rat Pedal for distortion, an old Cry Baby wah-wah, and delay was a Roland SDE-3000. Sometimes he used an MXR Dynacom for twelve-strings, but not much.

CB: What kind of amps did Mike use on the tour?
SW: There's a late '60s Vox Super Beatle, a '62-'63 Fender Bassman, the '62-'63 Vox AC-30, and a late '60s Kustom Model 250. For "You Don't Know How It Feels" he used a Fender Deluxe with a Fender Vibratone which is a swirly kind of thing.

CB: When Mike changes his guitars during a song onstage, is that always prearranged or does he ever just holler out for a different guitar?
SW: Only if it gets out of tune (laughs) ... bite your tongue!

Steve surprised me during one of our phone conversations about Mike's guitars in early May ...

SW: Cathy, here, get it straight from the horse's mouth (laughs). Let me rephrase that ... here's Mike.
Mike Campbell: Hello.

CB: Hi. Steve and I were talking about your guitars from the tour, is it okay if I ask you a few questions?
MC: Yeah.

CB: Can you tell me about your BLACK AND GOLD CUSTOM RICKENBACKER? (Love Is A Long Road, Listen To Her Heart, You Don't Know How It Feels, American Girl)
MC: They made it for me.

CB: Did you design it?
MC: Yeah, well, it's based on a John Lennon-style body. And we made it semi-holow inside and we put a hotter pickup in the treble position and we made the neck a little bit wider. It's a one-of-a-kind.

CB: How long have you had it?
MC: Oh -- eight or ten years, I guess, by now.

(From Robert Dye of Guitar World) Mike Campbell: The Rickenbacker Company was making Tom a guitar around 1989 and they asked me if I wanted one. So I had them make me a unique one. It's a semi-hollow body with a wider body than most Ricks. The treble pickup is hotter than normal. Most Rickenbackers are good for rhythm but not solos. But with mine, I can actually play solos and it sounds good. It has a lot of bite. I use it for most of our live set.

CB: Do you keep different guitars for personal use in your room or on the bus while touring?
MC: I usually buy 'em when I'm on the road. I bring the ones for the big shows and on days off I'll go out and buy guitars to have in the room.

CB: I was just forwarded a fan letter from someone (Marie Morrison from Welaka, Florida) who sold you a Stratocaster this last tour.
MC: A perfect example.

CB: Can you tell me who your first guitar influences were?
MC: Yeha, probably the first one would be Scotty Moore, with Elvis. Then Luther Perkins from Johnny Cash. Then, of course, after that would be the Beatles and Stones, Beach Boys and all those '60s groups.

CB: So you guys are going to be performing pretty soon?
MC: Yeah, the 17th, I think. (the AmFAR Benefit)

CB: Do you know what you are going to play?
MC: No. Probably some of the new songs that we've been working on.

CB: During the tour you were into a surfing thing with "Diamond Head" -- are you into any kind of different mood now?
MC: Mood -- uh -- mood -- I'm in a different mood every day! (laughs) Well, we've got this one song that's sorta got that sorta attitude on it on this album. A little bit of a surf-punk approach.

CB: Is the album almost done?
MC: I wish. It's close, yeah, it's pretty close.

Mike Campbell's 1995 Tour Guitars
Steve Winstead described several of Mike's tour guitars for me. The songs listed in parentheses after each guitar are the songs on which Mike used that particular guitar during the 1995 tour.

(Mary Jane's Last Dance, Learning To Fly, The Waiting, Lucille, Girl On LSD, Thirteen Days, Time To Move On, Come On Down To My House, Breakdown, Cabin Down Below, Lonely Weekends, Fooled Again) "That's pretty interesting because that's a transition period, back in '71, '72, '73. Somewhere around there they reissued '57s, so that one has P-90 pickups on it and a Badass bridge. But it's a '57 reissue -- pretty rare. The back of the headstock doesn't have the heel so that's how you know it's a reissue -- the P-90 pickups, too."
(From Robert Dye of Guitar World) Mike Campbell: "I got it around the same time as the Broadcaster. I used it on 'Fooled Again,' the solo to 'Strangered In The Night.' I wrote 'Refugee' on it, but in the studio I recorded the song with the Broadcaster because the Les Paul sounded too muddy. It's a real workhorse guitar. I've always thought of it as a live guitar."

(Don't Come Around Here No More) "That's Tom's. I think that's what they used in the studio for 'Don't Come Around Here No More.' It's probably Dave Stewart who turned him on to that guitar. They might have been aware of it but I think it was Dave Stewart's idea."
(From Robert Dye of Guitar World) Mike Campbell: "Dave Stewart played the opening part to 'Don't Come Around Here No More' on this. So I started using it live."

(You Don't Know How It Feels, Wildflowers, Girl On LSD, Come On Down To My House, All The Wrong Reasons, Lonely Weekends) "It's a '61 Jaguar. Michael just bought it in D.C. Everything is original on it. It's really yellow around the back and the headstock is painted white."

("Free Fallin', It's Good To Be King, A Higher Place) "That's a Ferrington and it's got Seymour Duncan Firebird pickups -- mini-humbuckers, without a pole piece, just a solid pickup single. Some people call them soapbars."

(Diamond Head) "That's a mid '60s Fender Jaguar. It's been refinished because that's a Pepto Bismol pink and that's not an original guitar."
CB: Did Mike buy it just to use on this song? "No, he was looking for a Jaguar and Artie Smith in New York, the drum tech, knew that he was looking for one and just showed it to him. It's not custom, but he kinda liked it. That's when they were doing the video for 'You Wreck Me.' So the look seemed to fit for that song, that Ventures kind of thing."

(You Wreck Me) "That's a Tobacco Sunburst Junior, 1957. That's tuned to F, so that's a half-step up."

(I Won't Back Down) "That is model number 6186. It's called a Clipper. It's wood-grained and refinished. The bridge pickup is the only thing that's not custom on it. It's a Firebird pickup -- a mini-humbucker."

(Wildflowers, Learning To Fly, The Waiting, Girl On LSD, It'll All Work Out, I Just Wanna Make Love To You, Alright For Now, American Girl, Two Gunslingers, It Won't Be Wrong) "That's a Vox twelve-string. It's called a Star Stream."

(Runnin' Down A Dream, Drivin' Down To Georgia, Refugee) "That guitar is all stock, about '66 or '67. It was broken by one of the lighting guys and got repaired. I ordered another one but Michael didn't like it as much as that one, even with the broken neck. That type of guitar shows up twice; Muddy Waters has one on the cover of Electric Mud -- and the guy in the Lovin' Spoonful is playing this type of guitar in Valley Of The Dolls, the '60s movie."

One of Mike Campbell's set lists showing guitar notations for the Pittsburgh/Star Lake show, August 26, 1995

(Note: See Page 10 for this, couldn't transcribe it properly) 

 Page 11

Happy 20th Anniversary, American Girl!
Think back 20 years to the 4th of July, 1976 -- and where were Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers? -- They were at Shelter Studios in Hollywood, California recording one of their most beloved classics, "American Girl."
"I remember writing the song about hearing the cars roll by because I was living in an apartment in Encino (CA) by the freeway. The sound was really annoying and we used to jokingly pretend it was the ocean. That's how the line worked itself in. I'm not sure exactly who the song is about -- I think I just pictured a character for whom something had gone wrong. As a songwriter who was trying to write songs several years before this, I felt this one was a breakthrough for me -- it gave me a theme -- and I saw that I could write just a little bit wider than I had been ... Musically, I wanted to do a beat like Bo Diddley. And the band's version of Bo Diddley turned into the bear you hear on this song." -- Tom Petty in the Greatest Hits songbook

"Michael and I swear that we had not thought about the Byrds," Petty says. "I wrote it at home on an acoustic guitar to a Bo Diddley beat. I think we actually recorded it on the 4th of July. When we finished the record nobody said anything about the Byrds for some time. I don't think we could have been that egotistical -- to think we could sound like the Byrds. That would have been too high a plateau for us. By the way, there's no twelve-string guitar on that track. It's our two six-strings playing together. And that track sold more twelve-strings..." -- Tom Petty in Playback, the Boxed Set

Words and Music by Tom Petty
Copyright (c) 1976 Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP)

Well, she was an American girl
Raised on promises
She couldn't help thinkin'
That there was a little more to life somewhere else
After all it was a great big world
With lots of places to run to
And if she had to die tryin'
She had one little promise she was gonna keep

O yeah, all right
Take it easy, baby
Make it last all night
She was an American girl

Well it was kinda cold that night
She stood alone on her balcony
Yeah, she could hear the cars roll by
Out on 441 like waves crashin' on the beach
And for one desperate moment
There he crept back in her memory
God it's so painful when something that's so close
Is still so far out of reach

O yeah, all right
Take it easy, baby
Make it last all night
She was an American girl

"American Girl" Discography

American Girl on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers U.S. Albums
1976 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Vinyl, CD, Cassette, 8-Track Tape
1985 Pack Up The Plantation Live! - Vinyl, CD, Cassette
1993 Greatest Hits - Vinyl, CD, Cassette
1995 Playback - CD, Cassette

American Girl U.S. Singles
1976 American Girl (stereo)/American Girl (mono) - promo *
1976 American Girl/Fooled Again (I Don't Like It) - stock *
1991 American Girl/Breakdown/Strangered In The Night/I Need To Know/Listen To Her Heart - promo sampler***
1994 American Girl - promo ***
1994 American Girl/Think About Me - stock ****

American Girl U.K. Singles
1977 American Girl/The Wild One, Forever - promo*
1977 American Girl/Luna (Live) - promo & stock*
1977 American Girl/Luna (live) - Limited Edition **
1986 So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star (live)/American Girl (live) - stock*
1986 So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star (Live)/American Girl (live)/Spike (live) - stock**
1987 Breakdown/American Girl/Think About Me/All Mixed Up - promo ***
1990 A Face In The Crowd/A Mind With A Heart Of Its Own/American Girl (live)/Breakdown (live) - promo & stock **
1991 Learning To Fly/Breakdown/American Girl - Limited Edition, #2 of 2 ***
1993 Something In The Air/The Waiting/American Girl (live) -- stock ***

American Girl Singles From Other Countries
1977 American Girl/Fooled Again (I Don't Like It) - Spain * (pictured above)
1977 Breakdown/American Girl - Japan *
1993 Mary Jane's Last Dance/The Waiting/American Girl (live) - Germany ***

American Girl in Films and on Albums by other Artists
1977 American Girl on the album, Thunderbyrd by Roger McGuinn
1978 American Girl in the film, FM (not on soundtrack)
1986 American Girl (live) in the film, Pack Up The Plantation Live! by TP&HB
1991 American Girl on the album, Born To Rock And Roll by Roger McGuinn
1991 American Girl in the film, Silence Of The Lambs (not on soundtrack)
1994 American Girl on the album, You Got Lucky - A Tribute To Tom Petty (performed by Everclear)

* = 7-inch vinyl, ** = 12-inch vinyl, ***=CD single, ****=Cassette single 

 Pages 12-13

Wow! We had a great response to the trivia contest in the last newsletter! You all worked so hard on it, I'm really proud of you. In all, 212 people entered the contest, and many of you did extremely well. In all, 212 people entered the contest, and many of you did extremely well. (Lots of great answers from those "Indiana girls!") Way to go, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers fans!
Cathy Buffington

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Trivia Contest Prize Winners!
1st Prize
Tony Marchiorlatti - California

2nd Prize
Marilyn Gerby - New York

3rd Prize
Suzanne Peterson - New York
Amanda Saladine - England
Robert Notaro - New York
Mary Ellen Simnick - Indiana
Bessie Courtney - Indiana
Kate Holden - Indiana
Tracie Robbins - Georgia
Rita Courtney - Indiana
Susan Kuntz - Indiana

4th Prize
Ron Lavalee, Jr. - Massachusetts
Dani Luckett - Kentucky

5th Prize
Debbie Schlosser - New Jersey
Becky Hudson - Virginia
Connie Niemuth - Wisconsin

6th Prize
Julie Bryant - California
John Smilanich - Florida
Irina Kruglova - Russia
Lena Pavlova - Russia
Paul Stewart - California
Alexandra Lopata - Ukraine
Susan Marshall - Texas
Amanda Gesaman - Ohio
Janice Housman - New Jersey
Stacy Jackson - Michigan

Trivia Contest Answers
1. What is the title of TP&HB's first album? "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers" (1)
2. Who portrayed Mary Jane in the Mary Jane's Last Dance Video? Kim Basinger (1)
3. What was Tom Petty's hometown? Gainesville, Florida (1)
4. Who turns on the electricity in the "You Got Lucky" video? Stan Lynch (1)
5. What is Tom Petty's middle name; on what song does he mention it? Earl (1); "A Mind With A Heart Of Its Own" (1)
6. In the video for "Don't Come Around Here No More," how many sugar cubes does Tom drop in the teacup with Alice? Three (1)
7. When Tom met Elvis Presley, what Elvis movie was being filmed? "Follow That Dream" (1)
8. Which Tom Petty video is completely animated? "Runnin' Down A Dream" (1)
9. What group did Tom Petty belong to that also included Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison? The Traveling Wilburys (1)
10. Which Tom Petty/Mike Campbell song was recorded by The Chipmunks? "Refugee" (1)
11. At the beginning of what TP&HB song does a voice say, "It's just the normal noises in here?" "Even the Losers" (1)
12. Who was the drummer for TP&HB on Saturday Night Live on November 19, 1994? Dave Grohl (1) (formerly of Norvana, currently a member of Foo Fighters)
13. What year was TP&HBs' first appearance on Saturday Night Live; what two songs did they perform on the show? 1979 (1); "Don't Do Me Like That" (1), "Refugee" (1)
14. What kind of animal belonging to Mike Campbell was in Tom Petty: Going Home? A (pot-bellied) pig (1)
15. What Tom Petty/Mike Campbell song is on the Mad Love soundtrack; who performs it? "Here Comes My Girl" (1); Throneberry (1)
16.Which Heartbreaker rides across a scene on a bicycle at the end of the Traveling Wilburys video, "Handle With Care"? My mistake ... there has been a misconception (okay, a rumor going around -- and I fell for it, too) that Mike Campbell appears in a scene at the very end of that video. However, we found out that it definitely was not Mike Campbell, it was an "extra" dressed in Bob Dylan clothing. Sorry for the confusion, no one was penalized in the contest either way for this question, no matter what you put as your answer. -- Cathy B.
17. What regular TP&HB tour crew member was a very early member of Mudcrutch? Jim Lenahan (1) (TP&HB's lighting designer)
18. Which Tom Petty video was directed by the son of one of the Traveling Wilburys; what is the director's name? "A Face In The Crowd" (1) directed by Jesse Dylan (1) (Bob Dylan's son)
19. What Tom Petty song did Tom sing on It's Garry Shandling's Show? "The Waiting" (1)
20. On how many episodes of It's Garry Shandling's Show did Tom appear? Four (1)
21. On the February 21, 1980 cover of Rolling Stone magazine, what is Tom wearing that would have a connection with people he would work with later in his career? Tom is wearing a Beatles belt (1) -- connection with former Beatles George Harrison and Ringo Starr, both of whom Tom would work with later in his career.
22. Who appeared on stage with TP&HB at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards; what two songs did they perform together? Axl Rose (1) and Izzy Stradlin (1) (of Gun N' Roses) performed on stage with TP&HB; they performed "Free Fallin'" (1) and "Heartbreak Hotel" (1)
23. In 1985, TP&HB performed a special concert on the roof of a hotel. Name the hotel as well as the city and state where it was located. The Don Ce Sar Hotel (1) in St. Petersburg, (1) Florida (1)
24. Who was the opening act for the two TP&HB "Homecoming Concerts" in St. Petersburg, Florida and Gainesville, Florida (November 2-3, 1993)? Carlene Carter (1) (Note: I had the dates wrong, they were actually November 2-4, 1993)
25. What are the titles of the A and B-Sides of the first recording by Mudcrutch done at Criteria Studios in Miami in 1973; who is listed as Executive Producer on the single? A-Side: "Up In Mississippi" (also known as "Up In Mississippi Tonight") (1); B-side: "Cause Is Understood" (1); Executive Producer: G. Maddox (2) (Note: The actual 45 says: Exec. Prod. by G. Maddox; Prod. by Ron Albert & Mudcrutch" ... the question asks who is listed as the Executive Producer on the single. In the booklet for "Playback" it says: "Produced by: Mudcrutch" on page 79 and "...they got the producing and engineering services of Criteria's Ron Albert..." on page 9. Many of you listed Ron Albert as the answer to this question ... if you listed either Ron Albert or Mudcrutch, I gave you (1) point for your answer).
26. Which current members of TP&HB were Mudcrutch members for that 1973 recording? Tom Petty (1) and Mike Campbell (1)
27. What year and model # Rickenbacker is Tom holding on the Damn the Torpedoes cover; to whom did the guitar belong; what connection does this guitar have with George Harrison? Tom is holding a 1963 (1) Model 625/12 (1) Rickenbacker which belonged to Heartbreaker Mike Campbell (1). The guitar is one serial number away (1) from George Harrison's December 1963 Rickenbacker 360/12 (George's first 360/12) as they were both produced within days of each other. Rickenbacker only produced one model 625/12 electric twelve-string guitar in 1963 and it belongs to our very own Mike Campbell! The company only produced three different Rickenbacker electric twelve-string guitars in 1963; two 360/12 guitars and Mike's 625/12. (For more information, see The Complete History of Rickenbacker Guitars by Richard R. Smith, Centerstream Publishing.)
28. In the movie, Made IN Heaven, what was the name of Tom Petty's character? Stanky (1)
29. In A Bunch Of Videos And Some Other Stuff, what does the license plate say on the Cadillac in which Tom is riding during his "tour of the San Fernando Valley"? GROOVE (1)
30. Which official member of TP&HB is not married? Howie Epstein (1)
31. Which four videos were filmed by TP&HB on the same day? (Note: We recently checked with Jim Lenahan, the director of the videos, and found our that there were actually five filmed on the same day ... so if you named any four of the five, you received the full number of (4) points for this question) "The Waiting," (1) "A Woman In Love," (1) "Letting You Go," (1) "Insider," (1), "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (1)
32. Which member of TP&HB has a dog named Enzo? Tom Petty (1)
33. What was Stan Lynch's last gig with TP&HB? October 2, 1994 (1) -- 8th Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert (1) at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California
34. Who wrote the Mudcrutch song, "On the Street"? Benmont Tench (1)
35. In A Bunch Of Videos And Some Other Stuff, whose picture is on the tee shirt that "Buffalo" Dave Stewart is wearing? John Lennon (1)
36. What Tom Petty/Mike Campbell song was parodied in 1983 by Weird Al Yankovic; what was his name for the song? He parodied "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (1) and called it "Stop Draggin' My Car Around" (1)
37. In the video for "I Won't Back Down," describe in detail the very famous guitar that is being played by Mike, to whom it belonged at the time of the video, and how/why it is famous. The guitar is an early '60s Fender Stratocaster (1), painted (by George Harrison) in multi-colored psychedelic designs (1); (was originally painted sonic blue and has the words, "Be Bop A Lu La" and "Go Cat Go" painted on it); belonged to George Harrison (1); you received (1) more point if you named one or more of the following: can be seen being played by George Harrison in the Beatles' movie, "Magical Mystery Tour" during the song, "I Am The Walrus"; was also used for the 1967 satellite performance of the Beatles' "All You Need Is Love"; was also used by George in the recording of "Nowhere Man." (Note: See the November, 1987 issue of "Musician" magazine for this information as related by George Harrison).

Please DO NOT send poems, lyrics, tapes or CDs of original music to Tom Petty or the Heartbreakers. You'll be disappointed if you do, because for legal reasons the guys can't accept them and all items will be returned to you, not opened, read or listened to. Thank you!

On The Move?
If you have moved recently or are planning on moving soon, don't forget to send us your change of address. Be sure to include your old address as well as your new one so we can update our mailing list. Thanks! 

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Virtual Heartbreakers

In connection with their six-CD boxed set, Playback, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have their own interactive internet website.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Tour Van
The surreal design of the Playback site provides a panoramic view from the inside of TP&HBs' tour van. On the dashboard inside the van are such interactive elements as a car radio (which plays bytes from every song on CD/Cassette One through Three of Playback), a glove-box (containing the boxed set's booklet credits and packaging), an owner's manual (with troubleshooting tips and technical hints for enjoying the site), plus the reflection of Tom's eyes in the rear-view mirror, leading to personal reminisces from Tom himself about his music and his history -- with special added materials not included in the boxed set.

Dub's Diner
Through the windshield of the Playback virtual van, one can also view such interactive signposts as "Dub's Diner" and a surreal, mysterious floating eyeball. Inside Dub's Diner is a special jukebox loaded with sound bytes from the 27 unreleased TP&HBs tracks and 15 B-sides (included on CD/cassettes Four through Six of Playback). The floating eyeball, meanwhile, leads to selected clips of each of the 17 videos that TP&HBs made from 1979 to 1993 (taken from the Playback home video companion to the boxed set).

E-mail TP
Finally, the site also offers an e-mailbox and the image of a Rickenbacker guitar leaning up against a post, the latter which leads to the site's bonus sweepstakes, a chance to win a Rickenbacker 650 Dakota electric guitar (sorry, the guitar sweepstakes is now over).
The address to visit Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Playback internet site is:

Check out the following TP&HB-related websites:

Internet Addresses
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Songs And Music From The Motion Picture She's The One. Includes album cover, description of the album, and "Walls" the single in: REAL AUDIO, WAV, AIFF, and VIDEO formats.,_Tom.html
Wildflowers page: album description, 2 photos, audio excerpt of "You Don't Know How It Feels," Tom Petty bio (VH1 Online)
Artist Showcase .... TP is August Artist Of The Month.
.... Artist Library: Tom Petty (includes biography, discography, video clips, photos, etc.)
.... Digital Gallery: Tom Petty (Download video clips: "Don't Come Around Here No More," "Free Fallin'," "Mary Jane's Last Dance," "Walls")

America Online
Keyword: Warner (Warner/Reprise Online)
New Releases
.... Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Release 8/06)
Multimedia Library
.... Sounds
........ 10/17 Sample of "You Don't Know How It Feels"
.... Images
........ 11/16 Tom Petty Album Cover (Wildflowers)
........ 10/28 Tom Petty Inlay Art; Tom Petty Inlay Art2
(scroll to) Tom Petty or Rock .... Tom Petty
.... Tom Petty Bio
.... Tom Petty Album (Release 11/1/94)
Wildflowers: description of album, two photos, audio excerpt of "You Don't Know How It Feels"
.... Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Release 8/06)
She's The One album cover, description of album
Message Board
.... Messaging -- Artists/Labels/Misc
........ Browse Folders: Tom Petty (message board)

Keyword: MMC (MusicSpace Message Center)
.... Rock Artists P-Z; Tom Petty (message board)

Keyword: MTV (MTV Online)
Head Shop
.... 1995 Video Music awards
........ Winners (also under Nominees); Best Male; TP "You Don't Know How It Feels"; TP Accepting Award

Keyword: VH1 (VH1 Online)
(scroll to) Tom Petty
.... (includes biography, discography, video clips, photos)
Music Notes
.... Music And Artists; Tom Petty/HB (message board)
Digital Gallery
.... Music Videos: Artists H-P (download video clips)
........ Tom Petty 7/18 "Walls"; 8/1 "Mary Jane's Last Dance"; 8/2 "You Don't Know How It Feels"
.... 8/5 Tom Petty Promo (photo)
Artist Showcase
.... Artist Of The Month (during the month of August)

.... Fan Club Forum (Fan Club B Forum)
........ Browse Messages; Tom Petty (message board)
........ Browse Library; Tom Petty
.... Rock Online Forum
........ Browse Messages
.... Warner Bros.; Tom Petty or TP (message board)

On Your Network Browser: Search Tom Petty
There are several cool unofficial TP&HB-related websites created by fans. Be sure to check out other Web servers. The ones listed above are by no means all the TP&HB sites. 

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Official Fan Club

Great news for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers fans! We've got a new Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album to enjoy. And -- the album also serves as the songs and music for the film, She's The One. Yes!!! The new album is extraordinary. As my friend, Julie said, "Roll over Beethoven, make room for Thomas (my middle name is Earl) Petty." Our thanks to the whole band, you've really outdone yourselves.
It's been an incredible year so far for Tom. Not only has he been working on She's The One and recording with Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins, but he has been the recipient of several well-deserved awards. Congratulations, Tom!
This issue of the newsletter includes a special treat for you all Mike Campbell fans. Thank you to Mike, Steve Winstead and Robert Dye of Guitar World magazine for helping me with that story. Hope you all like it!
It's hard to believe, but it's been 20 years since Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers recorded "American Girl," a great song that still sounds exciting today!
Thanks for all the wonderful letters, photos and drawings you've sent to the band. They are really appreciated. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers fans are the greatest! Please note that there is a new address for both the fan club and for all correspondence with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Even though the old address is listed in the new album (it wasn't changed in time), please send any new correspondence to the new address. Thanks!
So until we meet again, my friends ... kick back, close your eyes, turn up the volume and let the magical sounds of She's The One rock your soul!
Cathy Buffington
Fan Club Administrator

TV And Radio News

  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were guests on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on August 5, performing "Walls." It was their first Tonight Show appearance.
  • Tom Petty is VH1's August Artist of the Month.
  • On July 3 one of the first "trailers" for the film She's The One appeared on Entertainment Tonight, featuring instrumental segments of "Walls" and "Zero From Outer Space."
  • The Disney Channel recently rebroadcast Brian Wilson: I Just Wasn't Made For These Times which included clips of Tom talking about Brian. It also showed Heartbreaker Benmont Tench in the studio with Brian.
  • The TP&HB PBS Special mentioned in the last newsletter was postponed. As yet, there is no new broadcast date scheduled.
  • On July 29 The Album Network broadcast a live radio show featuring songs from the album She's The One interspersed with interview and call-in segments with Tom Petty.

One of the unique things about on-line life is the way people who previous would not have known one another due to geographic distance, can come together and learn a great deal about one another. In America Online's Music Message Center, a number of folks from around the country, all with a love for the music of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, have done just that. In the "Tom Petty folder," folks of all different ages, places and musical tastes have come together to form a kind of virtual family. There, they discuss Tom's music and what it has meant to them, but in doing so since the folder was established in October 1994, they have also shared parts of themselves, to the point where, the regulars and semi-regulars have begun to rely on one another's company. Messages asking for help with a school paper, a love life or a job search are not uncommon.
 All of which led to a sad occasion when in March 1996, when one of the original members of this virtual family passed away suddenly. John Keith Butler of Fresno, California, was a lifelong musician with a sharp wit and concern for fellow Petty fans. His posts to the folder were a pleasure to read, and his "presence" there each day was a great source of comfort and friendship to many. Since his passing, the folder has continued the groove he helped start. Yet he is missed, as are his observations of such a folder -- and a group of friends -- even exists. He put it more succinctly than I could.
"Tom brings us together and it's kind of magical that happens and we can enjoy each other and share our interests. Lots of folks don't know how easy it was once upon a time to identify a friend simply because he had long hair or beads or style of dress. You could easily trust him or her. What a time it was and it certainly doesn't hold these days. But we have found a way to come together through Tom and I thank him for it as well as you all." -- Sam Favate, Jr., Bayonne, New Jersey

Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Selected from among hundreds of nominations by the Walk of Fame Committee, Tom Petty is one of 14 entertainers who have been chosen to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1997.
Clint Black, Clive Davis, The Four Tops, Luis Miguel, Carlos Santana and Vanessa Williams are the other recording artists who will be honored with a star in 1997.

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