Hey Petty people,

Wondering if anyone even reads these things? Anyways, got two concert reviews for you:

"At one completely random moment (albeit one that probably occurs at every stop on the tour) a creature that Petty simply called 'the psychedelic dragon' came out of the tree to bring him his harmonica. Random, but absolutely hysterical."

"I learned a few valuable lessons that night -- never underestimate the power of pure rock 'n' roll played with passion and see Petty whenever the opportunity arises."

'Side from that, I added a handful more setlists that I found dumped into a folder with a bunch of other random files. Been kinda busy doing an early spring-cleaning of my hard drive. (And while sorting through ten years' worth of bookmarks, I also dug up this old fansite. I love the Wayback Machine.)

See you next week,

Aimee (listening to Foghat - Slow Ride