Hey Petty people,

Final interview for this week, published in British music magazine Mojo in 2006. In it, Tom Petty (and his Heartbreakers) talk about their early tours in England, escaping from wild parties through bathroom windows, and the time that he walked off stage. (There's also a few confusing factual errors; extra points if you're able to pick them out.)

"The first two records, we just kind of made them. Damn The Torpedoes, for some reason, was much harder to make. It just went on and on and on. A lot of the difficulty was in the sound. We played gigs and we played fine, but they wanted this big thing."

I'll be skipping next week's Weekly Wrap-Up, but I do plan to work some on both the tour dates and the subject index. I also bought an eBook copy of Tom Petty and Me for Christmas, so I'll post my thoughts on it sometime. 

Merry Christmas! Or happy holidays, if you're not the Christmas sort. 

- Aimee (listening to Tom Petty - To Find A Friend)