Hey Petty people,

Today's the day that An American Treasure comes out. And three new interviews for you. 

Mojo - January 2010:
"Forgiveness is the key. You have to forgive people and try to understand. That's easy to say and a lot of work to do."

Billboard - July 26, 2014:
"I went, 'Hell, is this going to happen to be twice in my life where everything I own is just wiped out?' And then I thought, 'Well, I'm OK with that.' Because things come back, but people don't."

Rolling Stone #1291 - July 13, 2017:
"The road and the studio are the only places I've ever felt completely OK. In any other life situation I'm terribly retarded."

I'm doing better than I was in the last post, but I'm pretty worn down. Trying my best to push past it. (If you want, send cute cat pictures.)

- Aimee